FAQ Category: General Questions

Which people benefit from Vibro-Acoustic therapy?

Vibro-Acoustic therapy is a combination of physical, mental and spiritiual therapy, combining newest technology with ancient wisdom. It is suitable for people of all natures, from athletes to business people, to children, to people with special or chronic needs. It is also beneficial for regular individuals who wish to use integrative and preventive wellness therapy.

Does Vibration-Sound therapy help with weight loss?

According to research, whole-body vibration therapy stimulates lymphatic drainage and therefor supports the body to detoxify, which in turn supports weight loss. The Vibrationbed is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, rather it is an enhancement.

Is Vibro-Acoustic and sound therapy helpful for cancer patients?

Music, when attuned to healing frequency such as 432 Hz, has been shown to stimulate the bodies self-healing and self-regulatory mechanisms, which can have various positive impacts when combating disease such as cancer. Watch the following link for more information on scientific proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w0_kazbb_U

Does Vibro-Acoustic therapy relieve stress?

Using music therapy with Vibro-Acoustics allows the music sound waves to create vibrations. You will feel these effects physically, creating pleasant sensations throughout your body that relax your muscles. The mind clams down, tension is released and so stress is reduced.