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Improve Your Heath With Vibro-Acoustics Therapy

After decades of trying, testing and even coaching others different healing and enlightenment modalities including breathwork, catharsis, religious practices, meditation, tantra, prayer, fasting and yoga to uncover the secrets and mysteries of the universe, the founder, while meditating in Springbrook (the highest point of the highest mountain on the Gold Coast), was inspired to revolutionize prayer, meditation and sleep by turning a mundane DAILY CHORE (bed time) into a healing and enlightening experience and so VibrationBeds was born. Now, we have a team of passionate people that have experienced the benefits of this new technology themselves and are producing and selling the Vibrationbeds. The focus remains the same: facilitating healing for as many people as possible, while making it accessible to everyone.

Vibro-Acoustic Therapy For Optimal Relaxation

Lying down on our acoustic beds lets you experience harmonic waves that 'cuddle you from within.' You feel soft vibrations in your deep tissues, cells and organs. As a result, you feel peaceful and relaxed. Your senses become sharp, and your energy levels are recharged as well. This whole-body vibration therapy balances and harmonises your body and mind, hence creating inner peace. Because of this therapy, you will have a positive attitude, and be able to make better decisions.



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Vibro-acoustics benefits

Optimal Relaxation
With regular Vibro-Acoustic therapy, you will enjoy a sense of calmness. As time goes your body self-regulates, and you can cope with stress alot better.
Feeling Extreme Calmness
The relaxation response is stimulated, and it gives you a positive emotional and physical reaction.
Heart Rate Regulates
Your heart rate slows down, and your HRV (heart rate variability) will improve.
Decrease Blood Pressure
Your blood pressure will decrease after treatment, therefore decreasing the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke.
Pain Relief
Your muscles will relax during treatment, hence decreasing pain from spasms and tension.
Natural High
After the treatment you will experience a natural high caused by dopamine being released in your brain.

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