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How vibro-acoustic therapy works
Science has found that everything in the universe is vibrating and oscillating in a specific frequency including our cells. Resonance is the basis of sound healing, it creates a harmonious matching pattern between 2 vibrational frequencies. Each musical note is amplified in the bed and transmuted into gentle vibrations setting our molecular and cellular structures into harmonious motion , naturally resonating with the frequency of the music. Cymatics is the science of sound made visible, based on the physics principle that when sound encounters a membrane or impacts the surface of an element such as water, a pattern of energy is automatically imprinted , changing the shape creating coherence in beautiful symmetrical patterns on the membranes that surround cells in the body.


Using vibration to reduce pain
Pain signals are created in the brain, either in response to tissue damage, inflammation or due to dysregulations within the pain pathway. Nowadays, many people experience chronic pain, not neccessarily due to actual tissue damage, but because of our stressful lifes. Our bodies are in constant sympathetic (fight/flight/freeze/faun) state in which we release stress hormones and surpress our immune function. Our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves, we just need to get out of the way. The Vibrationbeds are an amazing tool in facilitating the body to enter the parasymapthetic (rest/digest/heal) state within a quick time period. Moreover, there are many studies that show the significant benefits of Music therapy in reducing pain, simply by the positive impact of healing frequencies.

Energise your body with Vibro Acoustic Therapy
Our vibro-acoustic treatment helps your body to recalibrate, to rest and recover. This will create space for new energy flow. Sometimes, you might feel like you will need to release stuck emotions through crying, laughing or intentionally observing the emotion as it passes through the body. This will give you a great deal of freedom, vitality and energy!

Different frequencies will create different outcomes
Listening to music with a strong beat can stimulate the brainwaves. Faster beats encourage more concentrated and alert thinking, while slower beats are associated with relaxation and meditative states, reducing the perception of pain, releasing dopamine (feel good hormone), serotonin (peace and calm) and oxytocin (love hormone).

Recover faster after injuries or childbirth with Vibro-acoustic therapy
No matter if you have just run a marathon and strained your ankle, or are just recovering from giving birth, with the use of our vibration mattress you will experience more ease in the recovery process, less pain and will be able to get back to your vital self sooner.


Finance options

  • → 30 day money back guarantee
  • Finance Available: 25% deposit with 3 equal payments over 6 weeks
  • → Special offers for health practitioners


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Vibration Beds Features

Maximum Comfort

These Vibrationbeds are comfortable mattresses with Sound Technology in them, where you simply plug your phone into the bed, put on the music of your choice (preferably hertz sounds that have been proven to benefit the body) and the sound will not only reach your ears, but vibrate through your whole body.
Sleep In Luxury

Our custom-built mattresses are available in 3 sizes- Single, Queen & King. The material is a mix of spring- and foam mattress, a so called innovative hybrid mattress for maximum luxury.
Alleviating Pressure

Our vibration beds relieve pressure in the most important areas while supporting the spinal alignment. Our mattresses are ideal for people who sleep on the side, back, and other positions.



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