Vibro Sleeper

Vibro Sleeper


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This product is a unique creation. It is a blend of the latest Vibro-Acoustic technology fused with a high-quality mattress so that you can use this healing device every night and morning (or any other time of your preference).
You simply plug in your phone to the 3.5 mm headphone jack, choose your music or our recommended playlists, lie down and let the sound frequencies penetrate your body.
If you already have a mattress at home but want this technology, we can install that for you, the cost being the same due to the work it requires to do so.

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Please contact us in that case.
We guarantee that you will sleep better and reach deeper relaxation states faster. This is why we have given you a 30-day money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty.”

Exciting Features Of Our Vibration Mattress

We came up with an innovative concept of using a blend of top quality and compelling sound frequency technology with a cosy and easy to use set up mattress. Users can access this mattress in any size (single, queen and king). The design involves the newest sound vibration technology, all put into a mattress for your convenience. The outcome is a 5th-dimensional feeling of pleasent vibrating sensations that the music creates. And this all happens while you are resting.

The objective of these mattresses’ design is to give you complete relaxation and stimulate healing. The mattress also plays a therapeutic role by enabling you to lie comfortably on this comprehensively manufactured mattress. The design has a flexible headphone output. You can simply plug your phone in and choose your personal music or try out our recommended playlists.

The Benefits Of Sound Therapy Using Our Vibration Technology

Life is about vibrations, and sound therapy works on this concept. Our body vibrates throughout at different frequencies. Likewise, music and sound have different frequencies. So these other music or sound frequencies are transformed into vibrations and applied to the human body. Consequently, it makes the body resonate on that frequency. Therefore we recommend therapeutic music such as 423 Hz to gain the most out of this healing modality!

Physiologically, a vibro-tactile response activates the nerve bundles along your spine, the brain stem, and through your limbs. These responses prompt your body to relax, and your body releases hormones such as dopamine (feel good), serotonin (peace and calm) and oxytocin (love hormone) which in turn enhance your mood and wellbeing. Moreover, the body will stimulate vasodilation and your lymphatic drainage that increases your body’s healing capacity.

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Ensemble Base

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