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How new mothers can heal with Vibro-acoustic sound therapy

Vibro-acoustic therapy or VAT describes a science-based treatment. It involves using mild vibrations and calming music to align the mind and body with healthy cellular behavior. For years studies have shown that using Vibro-acoustics is effective for emotional and physical issues.

Moreover, research indicates that VAT helps in pain management and symptom reduction. Additionally, this treatment reduces stress, removes cellular waste, and enhances circulation. VAT enhances metabolism and releases muscle tension, and promotes deep relaxation.

How does Vibro-acoustics work?

Vibration is an exciting method of solving health issues. Human cells vibrate throughout, and they skilfully duplicate any vibration that is presented to your system. The healthy range of cells vibration is around 30-120 Hz.

When you are within range, you experience a feeling of wellbeing, and you resist physical and emotional triggers. However, if your cells are not vibrating in the healthy range, you can get negative symptoms. For example, you can experience chronic pain or mild hunger.

Sound changes our feelings and our reaction to our surroundings. Using sound to alter our state is not a novel idea. Ancient civilizations used sound as a type of meditation. Meanwhile, today it is used as a kind of therapy.

Vibro-acoustic sound therapy sessions

During a session, you lie on an elegant treatment table. On top of this table, there is a water mattress, hence facilitating an intensely immersive session. Music and vibrations are transduced through the table during the treatment. Every session takes thirty to sixty minutes, and after the first session, you feel VAT’s lasting effects between 2-7 days.

After three sessions, many people indicate a major change in symptoms. There is a notable cellular behavior variation after between 1- 15 sessions. Theoretically, VAT and sound bathing seem similar. However, the VAT experience is more personalized and physiological.

VAT and new mothers

New mums have physical and emotional challenges following childbirth. It takes some time to return to your usual self, and vibro-acoustic treatment is a fabulous way of relieving stress and healing. VAT presents a non-invasive technique of solving emotional imbalances. Additionally, it improves sleep and soothes pains and aches as well.

New mothers experience these issues:

• Lack of sleep
• Physical pains
• Work and career decisions
• Hormonal imbalance
• Loneliness
• Reviving the relationship with partner/spouse
• Losing weight and body image

How Vibro-acoustics helps in healing new moms

As a new mum, you can feel overwhelmed. You might be experiencing insufficient sleep every night. Therefore you are unable to recover correctly. Additionally, you might not be drinking or eating enough, and your hormones are likely imbalanced. In other words, your life has changed drastically, and hence healing is not easy.

In light of this, Vibro-acoustics presents an excellent method of easing stress by restoring balance fast. VAT is different from disciplines like yoga and meditation because you do not need to take any action. Psychologically Vibro-acoustics slows the heart rate and speeds up circulation. It also decreases blood pressure. As a result, within minutes, you enter a parasympathetic nervous state.

Using different frequencies for treating various individuals

People who want to have vibro-acoustics therapy provide their details to vibro-acoustic therapists who use this data to create a successful treatment for everyone. With this assessment data, it is easy to predict the relationship and emotional-based barriers. VAT is then used to stop these emotional barriers by implementing suitable frequencies for self-regulation and self-awareness.


Some vibro-acoustic frequencies support any emotional, physical, or spiritual imbalance. It includes the whole endocrine system and every organ. Also, it includes parts of the knees, hips, feet, and spines. Additionally, there are frequencies for fibromyalgia, migraines and arthritis. VAT also provides a frequency for guitar players who experience pain in their hands.

In summary, after your symptoms are determined, a VAT treatment can be customized.