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What does sound healing involve?

Sound healing presents a rapidly growing technique. It is used in relieving numerous conditions connected to stress. For example, sound healing treats high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and more. The primary cause of disease and suffering is stress. Because of this, sound is fast becoming popular as a compelling and versatile healing medium.

How sound healing works

We are vibration, and due to this, our environment affects us. Moreover, we have exposure to disharmonious and unnatural vibrations each day. For example, we encounter computers, building sites, and traffic noise. Additionally, we handle mobile phones and use Wi-Fi as well as air conditioners. All of these factors affect our vibration hence creating stress in our bodies.

The entrainment principle is among the critical factors in the sound healing procedure. The concept is that if you produce a robust and harmonious sound at one that is disharmonious, in the end, it will make it resonate with the rhythmic sound. All our organs, glands, cells, and molecules present a natural resonant frequency that can go ‘out of tune.’ When you implement a suitable frequency outside your body, it triggers sympathetic vibration inside. Due to this, you go back in tune.

Sound’s healing powers

Sound therapy involves various therapies where we use sound to cure mental and physical conditions. Throughout the world, indigenous societies have customarily utilized sound in healing events. It includes drumming, dancing, singing, hand-clapping, and pulsating since the world began.

There are different sound therapy methods. However, each involves applying harmonic vibrations and sound waves to the body using instruments such as the human voice.

Sound helps in facilitating our brain wave shifts by using entrainment. Entrainment offers a stable frequency that the brainwave can adjust to. As a result, our changing brainwaves synchronize. Using frequency and rhythm allows us to entrain our brainwaves. When we use rhythm and frequency, we can:

• Downshift our regular beta state (standard waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness)
• Reach theta (meditative state)
• Get to delta (sleep). Internal healing occurs here.

Picture yourself getting a smooth bath of sounds that enables your body to relax. As a result, you rest deeply. Sound therapy is not only effective in facilitating relaxation but also moves through blockages inside the body. Sound therapy is believed to help in treating conditions like autism, pain, depression, and sleep disorders.

Vibrational sound therapy

For centuries Himalayan Singing bowls have been used for meditation and healing purposes. They create different sounds to reinstate the standard vibratory frequencies. These are frequencies in various sections of the mind, soul, and body that are ill and out of harmony. Sound healing is proven to be effective. This technique uses vibrational sound to decrease stress. It also changes consciousness and creates a feeling of intense peace, health, and better health.

The benefits

Vibrational sound therapy helps with:

• Reduce blood pressure
• Insomnia
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Depression
• Heal the impacts of chemotherapy
• Helps mediation
• Promotes deep relaxation
• Enhances energy & vitality
• Alleviates pain from conditions triggered by stress
• Relieves Fibromyalgia discomfort
After a session, you experience enhanced clarity, memory, vitality, and energy. Most people claim to go through out-of-body experiences and reach other dimensions.

Vibrational sound therapy also prompts you to discover your deeper inner-self. In addition, you feel significantly peaceful, and you sleep soundly. Also, you can feel the impact of this treatment for several days.

During a session, you remain fully dressed, and each session takes an hour. The therapist places and plays bowls around your body and head and the energy centers (Chakras). You are requested to wear comfortable clothes without zippers, buttons, or jewelry.


Studies show that using sound for healing and therapy calms our nervous system. Moreover, our state of mind improves, and the working of our immune system improves. Sound healing helps with pain relief and sleep. Furthermore, it makes us connect to ourselves and enhances our state of being and vibration.