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Using Sound Therapy & Vibrations To Help Deal With Grief

Sound therapy enhances general health in the spirit, body, mind, and emotions. Sound is a force of creation, and many cultures and traditions have used it for years. Everything on earth operates through sound vibration.

Furthermore, each cell, liquid, bone, and organ in the body features its resonant frequency. Jointly they create a composite frequency such as an orchestra’s instruments. One section of the body may be out of tune hence affecting the entire body.

Using sound therapy, we can produce suitable resonance towards any unhealthy part, therefore promoting healing. Sound therapy restores your health and happiness if you are out of balance or tune.

Vibro-acoustic therapy

VAT or Vibro-acoustic therapy describes a deep massage method. It uses sound vibrations and frequencies that massage organ, cell, and tissue levels. According to research, VAT uses vibrations from low-frequency sounds to ‘massage’ deep body sections.

Therefore it helps patients with neurological illnesses like Parkinson’s. In addition, sound frequencies help in removing mental blockages. Consequently, it is easy for you to handle specific events or traumas.

How sound therapy helps in grief

The mind and body as a connection and sound is one method of handling grief. Everything in the world vibrates and therefore makes a sound. It means that each part of us makes a sound. Thus when we are in synchronization with the universe and ourselves we form our orchestra.

You may feel off-key, off-balance, or out of tune, and there is a reason for this. It means you are off. Our frequency changes, and our vibration shifts; hence, we feel angry, sad, or grieve due to the trauma.

For various reasons, people live in fear, and that fear on its own is at the root. Unless we heal that first, we cannot move towards a robust and sound healing path. Fear makes us get stuck in the sympathetic system. Therefore our body becomes frozen or immobile due to fear or sadness, and everything shuts down. As a result, only the autonomic system functions, that is, aspects like breathing that do not require thinking about.

You can play particular frequencies or a pure pitch for specific areas where music and sound are concerned. Due to this, you restore that vibration. This concept is similar to tuning forks; if you have two identical tuning forks and ring one, the other one begins playing. Our bodies work the same way.

When we set the harmonics (the precise tune) and play it, our body has no option. It begins to move and shift, and in the end, it becomes harmonious once more.

The best frequencies or sounds for healing grief

Specific frequencies and hertz exist for bone, blood, and organs. For everyone, there is a different shift. The reason is that they are not always similar in shape or size, and the condition differs.

There are specific hertz and frequencies for organs, blood, bone, and everything else. Of course, it will all shift a bit for each person because they’re not always the same size or shape or have the same condition. However, for the heart, the ideal overall frequency is 432.

Different religions and philosophies like Hinduism and Buddhism have determined that the 432 frequency is effective for the heart. The heart consists of warmth, love, joy, and compassion. Because of this, the sound waves affect the listener’s spiritual and mental health positively.


If there is an efficient support system from friends and family, most people can handle the grieving process independently. The reason is that friends and family provide love and encouragement. But you may realize that you are not progressing and it’s affecting your life. For example, anger may affect your work, or depression may keep you from moving on. Under these circumstances, seek the help of a mental health expert.