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Using vibrations and sound frequencies for healing

Vibro-acoustic therapy or VAT is simply a kind of sound therapy. It entails passing low-frequency wave vibration inside the body. A device with embedded speakers is used for this. VAT combines music and low-frequency sound vibration to give a person total relaxation. As a result, this therapy produces cognitive, physical, and emotional healing.

Emotional and mind connection

Vibro-acoustics therapy releases endorphins inside the body, for example, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. This sensory input facilitates more synchronicity and awareness of brain waves (alpha-beta, theta and delta). Additionally, it rebuilds the body’s serenity and hence heals the cells. As a result, memory, concentration, and relaxation are enhanced. Moreover, it is utilized for intense meditation and promoting healthier thought patterns.

It is believed that frequent VAT enhances the general life quality. VAT describes a mono-invasive method of enhancing health and wellness. Given this, it treats various problems like:

• Anxiety
• Overthinking
• Depression
• Restlessness and any emotional barrier that has an impact on one’s life

Body connection

Vibro-acoustics therapy is applied to clinical settings to address physical needs through sound vibration. This therapy increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation. In addition, it reduces pain and enhances mobility by transporting oxygen and energy to dormant cells. It is also believed that VAT regulates and reduces blood sugar under the right circumstances. Vibro-acoustics has approval from the FDA to treat cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, and Alzheimer’s disease, among others.

Soul Connection

Vibro-acoustics therapy makes your brain shut off, and because of this, you can connect more easily with your higher self. When there is no sequence of conscious thoughts, the subconscious becomes dominant. Everyone has a different experience; hence it may be in the form of visions or a message. Additionally, you may feel peaceful or calm. In other words, this tool helps you in aligning with your spiritual side. Consequently, your life becomes more purposeful.

Vibro-acoustic therapy session

VAT is a relaxing and soothing experience that needs no particular skills. It is performed while you are fully dressed. You lie down directly on a lounge featuring a unique design with internal speakers. Additionally, you wear a pair of headphones (noise-cancelling). You are provided with your own eye mask hence blocking out any light and you experience a deep sound immersion.

Before your session, you will have a meeting with the therapist, and you state your needs. Accordingly, the therapist chooses the correct music and frequencies. The therapy takes between thirty and sixty minutes, and this depends on your requirements. After completion of the session, you will have a consultation with your therapist.

Jointly you will review the result and improve the therapy hence optimizing the advantages of your treatment. VAT does not cure diseases; however, it is highly effective in relieving the symptoms of various conditions.

Vibro-acoustic therapy health benefits

• The limbic system gets a signal to revert to a peaceful state. Because of this, over time, the body self-regulates better. It becomes more resistant to stressors as well.
• The relaxation response becomes activated, hence producing various positive emotional and health benefits.
• The heartbeat slows, and there is improvement in HRV (heart rate variability), which signifies stress resilience.
• Blood pressure reduces therefore decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.
• Muscles relax, and due to this, pain resulting from spasms and tension decreases.
• A blend of enhanced relaxation and a rise of ‘happy’ hormones reduce pain.
• There is an increase in circulation, and because of this, the organs and cells become nourished.


Do you want healthy alternatives to prevent pain, illness, and stress? In that case, you should consider vibro-acoustics therapy. This is a modern technology that facilitates healing using vibrations and sound.