Enjoy optimal heath benefits with our Vibration Therapy


How vibro-acoustic therapy works
when you lay down on our specially designed mattress.

Using vibration to reduce pain
A vibration therapy machine enables you to experience sounds and vibrations all over your body. Your body's deep organs like lungs, heart, glands, and nerves are stirred and massaged through sound vibrations, which soothe any pain.

Get rid of stress and enjoy great vibes with vibro-acoustic treatment
Our vibro-acoustic treatment helps your body to rest and recover. You are free to release all the emotions you are feeling. For instance, you can cry, laugh, express anxiety, or relax deeply.

Emotional and physical healing through sound therapy
We use low-frequency vibrations in vibro-acoustic and sound therapy. This treatment helps improve conditions like migraines, Parkinson's, and muscle cramps.

Healing faster after childbirth with Vibro-acoustic therapy
As a new mum, you may experience physical and emotional challenges following delivery. We use our vibration mattress to alleviate your pains and aches and balance your emotions.

Treating backache with vibro-acoustic and sound treatment
Our vibration therapy for back pain contracts your muscles and relaxes them several times, this will strengthen them and you will become stronger.


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Vibration Beds Features

Maximum Comfort

Our vibration mattresses have undergone testing; hence you are guaranteed maximum comfort. In addition, we have a unique adjustable comfort mechanism that ensures you get the best sleeping position whenever you want. Our custom-built mattresses are available in 3 sizes- Single, Queen & King
Sleep In Luxury
Spring and foam mattresses are great; however, a blend of the two is even better! Our design presents an innovative hybrid mattress. Our mattresses provides remarkable advantages of pocket and latex springs with memory foam.
Alleviating Pressure

Our vibration beds relieves pressure in the most important areas while supporting the spine. Our mattresses are ideal for people who sleep on the side, back, and other positions.



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